Home Patient Info Before Endodontic Treatment

Eat a full meal prior to treatment.

Take all of your usual daily medications at the normal time.   If there is a question regarding medication, please call our office prior to your appointment.

If you have been directed by your physician to take an antibiotic before dental treatment (due to joint prosthesis, organ transplant, rheumatic heart disease, etc.) please make sure you have enough antibiotic remaining to take your full dose prior to the day of treatment.  If you need a refill of your antibiotic prescription, please call our office before your appointment.

If you have been given other medications by Dr. Duggan to take prior to your appointment, take them as directed on the bottle.  If you have been required to have a driver, make sure they drive you to the appointment and that they will be available to drive you home following treatment.

A recent study has shown that taking a full dose of ibuprofen (800mg, or 4 pills) one hour prior to your endodontic procedure increases the effectiveness of our anesthesia, and it reduces the swelling (which causes pain) around your tooth.