Home Patient Info Before Surgical Treatment

On the day of surgery, thorough post-treatment instructions will be given orally and in writing, but if you have any questions between now and the treatment date, do not hesitate to call or e-mail us.

Plan to take the rest of the day of surgery off from work. You will need to avoid any heavy lifting, exercise, or excessive talking following surgery. Please plan on using an ice pack on and off the surgery area for at least six hours after leaving the office

Eat a healthy meal prior to the surgery.  Following the surgery you will be numb for several hours.  Plan on eating soft foods for the rest of the day.  Do not suck through a straw or smoke; the suction created could loosen a suture and stimulate bleeding.

On the day of surgery, women should remove makeup from the face and lips to avoid contaminating the surgical site. Men should trim mustaches to the lip.

Two to three days after the surgery, you will need to return to the office so that Dr. Duggan may remove the sutures and make an evaluation of your healing.  Periodic checkups may be necessary as directed by Dr. Duggan.

When possible, a sample of the irritated tissue surrounding the root is sent for examination. The laboratory will bill you separately for this procedure.  The cost is usually covered by your medical insurance.

Please be sure to bring your medical insurance card and information to the surgery appointment.

Costs vary for the lab analysis, but the average is $100, and you will be billed directly by the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio Oral Pathology Laboratory for this cost. The results will be sent to our office and we will inform you of the results of the examination upon receipt from the laboratory.